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Social/Media Director & 3:45 Marathon Coach
Heather Welcome to Runner's High Club! I found this club in 2008 and started with the half marathon. Since then I have run about 25+Marathons/ultras and become a three time Ambassador for the Chevron Houston Marathon. I also coach in PIM and am the Lululemon Highland Village Running Ambassador. It gets addicting, trust me! Houston has a fantastic running community and I firmly believe that is what keeps people signing up for race after race. Join a club, start making friends and before you know it the miles just fly by! I also do yoga and crossfit regularly as part of my training. I am here to help with coaching and any member questions. I also manage our social media and social events. I want you to meet your training goals, but I'd also like you to have fun while doing it.

Let me know if I can help you in any way throughout your training! 

3:30 Marathon Coach
Steve I started running as a sophomore in high school with cross country and track and went on to run a couple of years in college. I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon when I was 18 and again when I was 20.

I took a few years off running in-between but for the past several years I have really enjoyed training and coaching alongside my great friends here at RHC. I like to travel a couple times a year to run a race in new and fun locations. I have raced pretty much every distance from 5Ks to a few miles longer and each have their unique challenges. 

I am always up for a run so let me know when and where and contrary to popular belief I do sleep.

4:00 Marathon Coach
Catherine Running is my sport. It is my exercise, my therapy, my motivation. It challenges me, rewards me, keeps me in check. No matter what my mood or feeling, it’s made better with a run. Runner’s High Club has broadened and enhanced my running experience. The coaching, motivation, support and camaraderie have helped me achieve running glory! I’ve run with RHC for a number of years, and this will be my third year coaching. I am thrilled to be leading the 4:00 hour marathon group where I can indulge in my passion for health and fitness, help people set and achieve their running goals, and have an all-around good time. We are a great group of people, from first-timers to veterans, who seeks to have an awesome running experience every time we go out. And we laugh a lot!

I’ve completed races from 5K up to 50K including four Houston Marathons (with a PR of 3:46:47 in 2016), and look forward to many more.

4:15 Marathon Coach
Mel Hi I'm Mel.  I'm a former volleyball player that embraced running years later. I have run 5 marathons and I trained with my husband for the first two and solo on the third. I joined Runners High to train for a half and loved the group.  This motivated me to get back into marathon training.  My 5th marathon was a personal best and Runners High has really motivated me to want to better that time.  I can't believe I had not joined a group sooner. Everyone is so supportive and we have lots of fun.  I look forward to coaching this year and helping everyone achieve their goal.

Let's have fun!

4:30 Marathon Coach
Harve' Welcome! I began running in earnest in 2009 when I picked up a Runner's High Club flier at a summer 5K and joined the club. Since then, I have run over 20 marathons/ultramarathons, all the while making great friends and seeing the world. My running has taken me from Allen Parkway to Central Park, South Africa, the Canary Islands, and the top of Pikes Peak.

I look forward to sharing some of that experience with the 4:30 group this year. My goal as a coach is to help you succeed in running a marathon, but with any luck, also develop a life-long love for running, the outdoors, and our city. I am big believer in variety in training, whether it is pace, surface, distance, or sport. I think it is the best way to sustain your enthusiasm long-term. We will talk about all of that soon enough, so until then, I look forward to seeing you on the streets and trails of Houston!

5:00 Marathon Coach
Maria Hi, my name's Maria. I started running in college when I realized that I wanted a sport that would allow me to socialize instead being left to my own devices in a lap pool. I grew up a swimmer, and we don't really like to sweat. Running in Houston has allowed me to embrace the sweat. It's liquid gold. I started running in 2008, my first workouts were 2 minutes run/ 3 minutes walk. I got a bit better every year and one day a friend said, "Why don't you do a half marathon?" My response, "Oh, no. I'm not that serious a runner." I did my first half in 2009. Since then I've done about 20 and love that distance. A couple of years ago, another friend asked, "Why don't don't you do a full?" My response "Oh, no. I'm not that serious a runner." I joined runner's high to get me through my 1st full marathon. This year will be my 4th marathon and I'm looking forward to coaching the 5 hour crew. We love to run, train hard and chat along the route. We laugh and may cry a little depending on what the route and Houston weather provides us. Welcome to the 5 hour crew!
1:30 Half Marathon Coach
Jake My philosophy is real simple go easy in training runs, save the speed for races. Our long runs are to build strength and endurance only.  It’s real important to listen to your body and not be a slave to the prescribed schedule. The key is to be healthy so you can toe the line in January; there are no medals for training runs. There is no luck, the hard work do in the fall will prepare you to complete the race in January. Enjoy the journey; if this was an easy Endeavour everyone would be doing it.
  • 1ST Houston Marathon - 4:03 Chip 2003 
  • 30 Marathons
  • 3 Time Marathons of Texas Finisher (Dallas, Houston, Austin) 2005-2007
  • Back To Back Sub Three Hour Marathons - 2:59.41 - Dallas 12/2007, 2:59.11 - Houston 1/2008
  • 4 Time Boston Marathon Finisher - 2005-2007, 2012
  • 2 Time Marathon Coach with Runner’s High Club - 2010, 2011
  • Member of HARRA, BCRR

Motto- “Work, Believe & Achieve”
26.2 “Your Motivation Not Your Destination”

2:00 Half Marathon Coach
Megan I did my first 5K on Thanksgiving Day 2011 and was immediately hooked on running.  The race atmosphere is so amazing - who doesn't want a bunch of total strangers cheering for them and holding up crazy signs?!?!  After that, I progressed to 10Ks and 10 milers, all the time swearing that I could never do a Half Marathon.  Never soon became January 2014.  Deciding that the haphazard training method that barely got me through 10 miles wasn't going to cut it for 13.1, I joined RHC to train for it, and that was the best decision of my running career.  I got faster, gained endurance, and made some great friends!  Early morning long runs were no longer a dreaded task but a fun way to catch up with everyone.  I also started doing short-course triathlons, which has made me a big believer in the power of cross-training.  This is my second year coaching and I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned over the years and learning new things from each of you.

See you bright and early on Saturday mornings!

3:00 Half Marathon Coach
Chris Our usual run pace is 10:00 to 11:00 minutes/mile and we focus on the mechanics necessary to complete a long run. I have been a runner for at least 25 years. My favorite distance nowadays is the half-marathon. I have run in many different places and I always take my shoes and gear with me when I travel. My favorite runs have been the Big Sur Marathon Relay in California and along the Seine River in Paris, France. The Runners’ High runs are always fun.

Come run with me.


Upcoming Club Training sessions!

Marathon & Half Marathon training in progress.
Track & Hill sessions - Tuesday(track) and Thursdays(hills)


Runner's High Club Hosted Events

Track/hill sessions: Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30am & 6:30pm

Alaina Dixon 5K & 10K - Sunday, October 22, 2017 @7:30am - St. Arnold's Brewery

Chocoloco 5K & 10K - Sunday, January 21, 2018 @ 7:30am - Downtown Wortham Fish Plaza